Zyxel Weaves a Cloud-managed Network for Turkish Textile Factories

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Baltalı Group

“With Nebula, we can manage the networks of our factories wherever they are, and do it all from a single interface. This new infrastructure has also enabled us to create separate VLANs and deliver super-fast 10G connections across the whole network.”

Kadir Öztürk
IT Audit Specialist, Baltalı Group

The textile industry is one of the most globally competitive sectors. It is also one of the fields in which adopting emerging technologies – and reaping the efficiency they offer – is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. This didn’t escape Baltalı Group. With the network infrastructure in its Denizli and Hürsan textile factories unable to handle the company’s growing demands, it kicked off an upgrade project to deploy a new-generation network that could ensure smooth factory and office operations. The two factories, which are distant from each other, partnered with system integrator SKY Bilişim and designed a network capable of centralized management, round-the-clock reliability, and 10G speeds. The tender was awarded to Zyxel Networks, which impressed with the flexible management and wide product line of its Nebula Cloud Networking solution. The deployment and setup went smoothly, with the network switches and wireless APs used to create multiple VLANs, increasing bandwidth efficiency and providing strong security for each factory. In addition, thanks to the Nebula equipment used in the project, staff are now managing all networks countrywide from the company’s headquarters via the Nebula Control Center, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a mobile app or the web browser on any device.

  • Replace outdated infrastructure that is unable to handle growing bandwidth and connectivity requirements
  • Deploy cloud-based infrastructure so staff at HQ can centrally manage factories’ networks


  • Nebula solution allows IT staff to manage network infrastructure easily and remotely via web interface or mobile app
  • Solution supports VLANs in factories in different locations – increasing bandwidth efficiency and providing stronger security
  • Uninterrupted, high-speed 10G connectivity ensures work efficiency and smooth operations

Product Used:
NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point
XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch 
XGS2210-28HP L3 Access Switch

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