NWA1123-ACv2 get certificate failed connecting with Nebula

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Dear all,

I have some 10 NWA1123-ACv2 APs on site, all is going perfectly fine for them and it works great with Nebula.
For my last AP i'm facing a problem, it won't connect with Nebula; into the NCC Discovery tab the error message is 
This access point is not connected to the Nebula. ( Get certificate failed )

For this AP everything is set exactly the same like all my other APs.
In fact, when I program myself the all wifi profile (SSID + pw) it does the job fine however this AP can't connect to Nebula.

I have no kind of a blacklist on my side, everything is opened to let this work but nothing helps to let this AP and Nebula see each other.

Please can you help ?
many thanks for your help, i'm running out of ideas to troobleshout this issue

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  • Zyxel_Silvia
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    Thank you for your detailed description!

    Because you have the other nine APs with the same setting, we consider it isn’t the firewall problem.

    Can you exchange the disconnected AP with other AP and see if  it can work. 

    If it's still the same AP can't connect to the Nebula. 

    We want to check which steps stop the AP connect to Nebula, and you may collect the diagnostic info through accessing APs’ local GUI.

    You can use our ZON to scan the AP in the same subnet, and using IP address to login APs’ local GUI.



    After collecting the diagnostic info, please send this info through messenger.

    We would like to help you resolve this problem.

  • DFK_ITadmin
    Hi Silvia,
    Many thanks for your help.
    I've found out how to send tickets to the Zyxel's support team and they have helped me to find the solution.
    All my problem was resolved after putting the DNS into the ip config of the AP.

    Until now it was working great when i put our domain DNS server but for this new AP something was not going well for the connection between the AP and Nebula.
    As soon as we have put on the ip config of the AP the connection can be established perfectly well.
    So I have made a check on all my APs to set them this DNS settings; all my tests are doing pretty well right now we are very happy with the product and the Nebula portal.

    Thanks a lot for your help, best regards Silvia