Easier way to configure security policies for Zoom?

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I am looking to add the appropriate security policies, etc. to configure my Zywall 110 based on the the network firewall guidance that Zoom provides (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362683-Network-firewall-or-proxy-server-settings-for-Zoom).  They list a ton of IP addresses for various ports/services.  It would be vary tedious to manually enter all of this information to configure the firewall appropriately.  Looking for if there is an easier way?  (Note: I have all outbound traffic blocked, except for ports/services that I explicitly open up. Maybe that's overkill but I view it as cautious.)

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    Here is the specification of ZyWALL 110 for your reference.
    Address Object: 300
    Address Group: 50
    Max. Address Object In One Group: 128

    The maximum number of address object can be created on ZyWALL 110 is 300.
    However, there are more than 1000 IP addresses in the firewall guidance that Zoom provides.
    You need to use Class B to combine several address into subnet. 
    For example: 
    Create address object for the following addresses.

    Open console or SSH.
    Router> configure terminal
    Then copy the following commands and paste them via console/SSH
    address-object addr1
    address-object addr2

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