Zyxel Nebula Solution to Bring Historic Battleship into Digital Era

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Battleship IOWA Museum

“By switching to the Zyxel WiFi 6 APs, we've increased our performance, range and reliability, and reduced our packet loss. What we've been able to do with this Zyxel solution is reduce the number of APs that we have in place while increasing speed and reliability.”

David Canfield
VP and Chief Information Officer
Battleship IOWA Museum
“This was my first experience with WiFi 6 and Zyxel’s APs performed a lot better than I expected. In areas that are separated by two to three inches of thick steel, I was able to get excellent speeds of between 100 to 200 Mbps throughput on the other side of what would effectively be six inches of steel plating and at over 200 feet away from the access point. With our legacy system, I would have to have multiple access points in the middle to achieve that. Additionally, the remote management is a lot more robust than that of our legacy system.”

Troy Vail
Innovation and Technology Manager
Battleship IOWA Museum


  • Deploy a wireless network aboard a 1943 battleship with an armored, steel structure
  • Upgrade ineffective network infrastructure to enable reliable connection
  •  Implement simpler and more efficient methods to manage network devices management problems

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction and staff productivity via strong WiFi connectivity throughout the museum
  • Increased opportunities for network enhancements and innovative services
  • More scalable, cost-effective and operationally efficient cloud networking management

Products used
Nebula Control Center (NCC)
WAX650S 802.11ax Access Point
XS1930-12HP Smart Managed PoE Switch
USG FLEX 700 UTM Firewall

Download PDF for full story


  • RonaldF
    I would like to know how they measured this contraption as a site survey. I also would like to know how they overcome obstacles regarding the steel cage construction.
    I am doing a site survey at a steel factory, and I would like to know what to look for regarding noise and other interferences.