5G Mobile Repeater Makes Cellular Coverage Clear as Day for Italian Investment Firm

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Italian Investment Company

“I’m very satisfied with Zyxel’s MagicOffice Solution. After testing its demo version, we immediately implemented it for this customer's project, and the results have been just as good as we expected.”

Maurizio Poggi


The client’s office space occupies the new building’s first and second floors, each covering 150 square meters. All 25 employees have a computer and a company smartphone for their main duty of customer service, which demands smooth, uninterrupted voice calls plus outstanding cellular data connectivity for internet use. Unfortunately, cellular coverage in the office was unusable, inhibited by the building’s construction materials and windows, which are made of low-emissivity glass – great for the environment but bad for signals. This interference forced staff to leave their computers to search for a better signal. To bring the network up to scratch, the company turned to IT service company 3KLAB. Its onsite evaluation found the offices were designed with plasterboard, wooden partitions, and dropped ceilings with removable panels, making it easy to install indoor service antennas. 3KLAB suggested using Zyxel’s MagicOffice, a quad-band 5G mobile repeater designed to resolve poor signal reception in smaller offices and commercial venues of up to 900 square meters. The repeater features an intelligent design that automatically determines antenna isolation and adjusts to provide the optimal gain. In addition, the installation via coaxial cables makes it easier for system integrators to install, manage, and maintain the network, saving them and the client both time and resources. With the repeaters deployed, the company is now meeting all their employees’ needs for smooth voice calls and internet browsing – be it from their desks or anywhere else in the office, boosting their work efficiently and productivity.

  • Overcome interference from building’s construction materials and windows so staff can have cellular coverage anywhere in the office 
  • Support 25 to 30 employees working at the same time with signal continuity

  • Stable connectivity maximizes work efficiently and productivity
  • Employees can enjoy smooth and clear voice communication from their desks without having to move around

Product used
MagicOffice Quad-Band Mobile Repeater

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