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I have a number of WAC6103D-I setup through a number of warehouses and the users are losing connection when walking from one AP to another.

I want to setup seamless Roaming but cannot find the settings on the firmware to offer this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Hi @Mussard


    Roaming requires APs have the same SSID and password, about 15 to 20% coverage overlap between APs.

    Losing connection usually related to two possible reasons, poor signal deployment in signal coverage area or re-authentication failed.

    For signal survey, you could use the scan tool such as inSSIDer to check when walking from one AP to another.

    Most clients start roaming when signal drops to -70 to -75dBm.

    Can you tell the power setting and 802.11r is enabled or not?

    How about the distance between APs and if the problem appears on specific clients or area?

    Thank you