SSL Inspection Crash (ATP700)


Sometimes, SSL Inspection stop running on ATP700 (Firmware 5.02(ABTJ.1)) :
I have about (one-two hundred concurrent SSL session)

- SSL Inspection logs : 
   SSL inspection daemon isn't ready!
  Creating session entry failed. Pass this session!

- Debugs logs :
  kernel: [1418384.809551] sslinsp_rcv_nl_event [3861]: SSL inspection daemon may be dead [Port ID = 0x66bc0000]
kernel: [1418384.961469] sslinsp_check_daemon [557]: SSL inspection daemon isn't running
  kernel: [1418386.949043] sslinsp_send_netlink_msg [35]: Cannot get SSL inspection daemon's PID:-1:

This service restart after. It happens about every week.
I Think this problem comes from the last update. (I Have never received alerts before)

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Thank You !

(Sorry for my english :) )

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    Could you provide the config file of the ATP700 to us via private message for further investigation?

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