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To begin with, I would like to point out that I am a beginner when it comes to VPN connections. Thanks to this forum and extensive instructions on zyxel.com, I was able to set up an IPSec VPN connection between the two locations. I am using USG20W-VPN devices. VPN Site to Site configuration.

I have a problem determining remote rules in one location.

Location A
A computer with a fixed IP address

Location B
Laptop with a variable IP address

Location B is home. This is where the problem arises: I do not want to share the entire local network from location B to A. The second problem is I do not want to set a fixed IP address on a laptop that is mobile.

There is a solution: assign a MAC address to an IP address, but that blocks the rest of the home users and their mass of devices, which is constantly changing.

I want to easily connect a computer (with a fixed IP) and a laptop (with a variable IP) via a VPN tunnel via a VPN Site to Site.

The second option is, in case when location B changes (e.g. leaving home) how to configure VPN site to client, keeping the above configuration.

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    DHCP reservations on device on Location B. For both ethernet and wireless adapter.
    Firewall rule for allowing VPN access from Location B to location A only from the two ip addresses (back and forth). Two addresses out of more than 200 cannot be that much of an hassle...

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    It may surprise you, but I didn't know about this feature. Despite everything, thanks for the hint.
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    Take a full read of the manual as... evening book. Might surprise you ;)

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