A Newer Firmware for SBG5500-B

Hi all,

my SBG5500-B is running a FW version V1.10 (AAZU.0) with release date 2017-12-21. I cannot find any newer firmware version to download. Does anyone know if there is any newer version available or whether a new version is going to be released?

Thanks and kind regards,

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  • Bob_C
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    Hi Pavol,

    Do you have any specific issue that requires for a fix, or do you simply want to find a firmware because the existing one has been released for a while?
    Thank you.


  • PKvanka
    Hi Bob,

    I would say this is more or less a strange feeling that in December, I will have been running a 4-year-old firmware... Everyone around is trying to upgrade the systems to the most recent versions due to various security vulnerabilities, affecting many vendors.

    Moreover, in March 2019, I logged a support case because I was not able to get rid of automatic firewall rules after deletion of all port forwarding rules. I was given a "beta" firmware that solved my problem and I decided to run the current "production" release until the new one is available (and I hoped it would come very soon...)

    Thanks and kind regards,

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