port: p2led has undefined status:orange

mMontana Posts: 420  Master Member
This is the welcome message after a login on a USG20-VPN upgraded to 5.10 (ABAQ.0).
Message appears any time i go to the DashBoard section, General Tab.
No Port led is lit on Virtual Device.

P2 is WAN1 interface, copper kind, Autonegotiate, 1000MPS Full. sfp, lan2, dmz are disabled and the setup is not going to change. P2 (Wan1) and P3 (Lan1) are the only connected cables, out of power.  

This device entered service with a converted configuration from USG20 with latest 3.30 firmware (no WK48).

Game on, dudes

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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @mMontana,
    Thanks for sharing this information to community user. it helps a lot. =)
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 420  Master Member
    Worth sharing the issue. Worth sharing the solutions. I don't think that can help that much (Zyxel documentation repeat in every upgrade procedure to refresh browser cache) but if someone look for the error... might find this solution.

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