DHCP Servers, DHCP Relay, VLAN and VoIP Configurations

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Dear Zyxel Forum

I have the diagram below. I would be very thankful if some experts here help me how to configure:

1.      DHCP Servers

2.      DHCP Relay

3.      VLAN and VoIP

Thank you very much


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    DHCP Server
    For your scenario, apperently, your DHCP server will be set in your firewall.

    DHCP Relay
    The DHCP relay may be configured on the top left GS1920-48 as it is a aggregated switch when you configure more subnet in your network.

    VLAN and VoIP
    For configuring VoIP, you can configure Voice VLAN for VLAN10 and set PVID 5 to port 10 of the switch which connect to IP-Phone.

    Hope it helps.