diaginfo file tar.bz2 - How to View???

ivessm Posts: 39  Freshman Member
I have a NWA1123 AC HD that is giving me difficulty in connecting to the network & Nebula @ 1Gb rather than 100Mb that it is connecting to.

It is connected to Nebula but showing only @ 100Mb. I have just logged into it as admin and went to Diagnostics and downloaded the daiginfo-xxx.tar.bz2 file. How do I read or view this file????



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  • mMontana
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    For uncompressing the file(s) you can use 7-Zip, in Windows (two decompressions... from tar.bz2 to .tar, then decoding .tar)
    Never downloaded the diagnostics.

    Anyway, @ivessm have you already tried to change patch cords?
  • Greenlight
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    What kind of switch you're using? does it support 1Gbps link rate?

    If yes, try to change another cable, or connect AP to another Switch port to see if anything is improved. Usually 100mbps rate is caused by a broken cable or an error on the switch port.
  • Zyxel_Silvia
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    Hi @ivessm ,


    Did you change the Ethernet cable or connect to the other ports of the switch?

    Because the 100M is the result of AP auto-negotiation, so assume that your switch port is 1000M, the AP should be able up to 1000M.

    If you want us to check your diag file,

    You may give us through messages.

    Thank you.



  • ivessm
    ivessm Posts: 39  Freshman Member
    Just to update everyone on the status of this issue. It was the cable!!!

    I thought I plugged in the ethernet cable I always use, turned out it was a cable from a SIP phone and was quite old. I'm sorry to have bothered anyone. I should have noticed that before bringing my issue to the forum.

    Thanks Zyxel_Silvia.