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Hi at the minute we use SSL VPN on our USG 500 Flex.  Users are allowed access a common set of address objects, basically the servers on our LAN that they need to access.

I have a new user starting that will be using his own PC from home to do graphic design.  Is it possible to setup a second SSL vpn just for that user so that when he connects to the VPN he can only access the server he requires for artwork?

I see on the SSL VPN 'Access Priviledge' page there is an option to add multiple VPNs so is that how this could be done?.

Thanks Graham

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    You can create a new "Access Policy" in VPN > SSL VPN > Access Privilege for the new user to access a specific server/subnet.

    In this example, the SSL VPN rule "New2" is for the new user.

     Move the new user to "Selected User".

    In Network List, allow the IP address/subnet of the specific servers only.

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