XS1930-10 to XS193012-HP SFP+ Link aggregation

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Is it possible to XS1930-10 to XS193012-HP SFP+ Link aggregate? I have connected both SFP+ ports on both switches, and they seem to be up, but when I go to Nebula I can see on the XS1930-10 that one of the two SFP+ ports is "STP blocking" status, and the other SFP+ port is marked as "Uplink". On the XS1930-12 none of the two SFP+ ports are marked as "Uplink". 

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    Hi @jpikoulas,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Yes, it is possible to set Link aggregate between XS1930-10 and XS1930-12HP via SFP+.

    The reason that one of SFP+ port been blocked by STP is that STP function is enable by default and you did not enable Link aggregate before connect two SFP+ ports cause loop.

    Please follow the picture below to setup Link aggregate:
    The example switch is XS1930-12HP

    I suggest to set LACP so you may have redundancy.
    Don't forget to set Link aggregate on both your switches.
    When you finish setting, remember to enable the port you disabled in first step.
    Hope it helps.