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Hi there, Sorry if my question is dumb, I am new to Zyxel. On a NXC2500, 4 APs seams to be offline. The one with no IP address is dead and physically disconnected, but the 3 others are connected and pingable. I've restared but still appears offline. All the buttons are greyed out when I select one. What should I do to get them back to work? Thanks.

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    If you have a LAG, especially on a XS1930, see this post: https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/11768/adding-lags-kills-ap-management

    They likely still function, just not manageable.  Turning off POE power for 20 seconds and bring power back on should bring them back to your AP List.

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    Dear ironwall_io,

    The CAPWAP standard has four types to do auto discovery, have you set DHCP Option 138 or other methods instead of broadcast? If you didn’t configure option 138 under controller’s DHCP server, you may go to Controller’s GUI > Configuration > Network > Interface > Ethernet/VLAN > Advanced Settings > Extended Options > Add CAPWAP AC (138), type in controller’s IP in First IP Address.

    Besides, applying the command below via SSH in AP can check the discovery type and the controller IP.
    Router: show capwap ap info

    Furthermore, could you help to check the license status in your NXC2500? See what is the count of Managed AP Service?