MacOS 12 Monterey release?


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  • hopefully near future means next couple of hours ;)
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    samuel_t said:
    hopefully near future means next couple of hours ;)
    May be months...  in 2018 (Mojave update) the patch was  released in late december (but there was a workaround)...
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    Whoa... This answer got closest to first prize of "absolutely nothing meaningful said".
  • Alex68 said:
    ... (but there was a workaround)...

    Hi Alex - Do you remember this workaround? My wife wants to kill me currently since I've updated her iMac without checking the availability of the VPN client for MacOS 12 which she needs for remote working. Shame on me. Fortunately, there's a MacBook laying around with MacOS 11.6, but still - not an ideal solution (27" vs 13"...).
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    I upgraded my OS12 I crated L2TP VPN rule in my office USG60 and my L2TP VPN tunnel works well these days. You can use L2TP VPN as backup solution before new SecuExtender is released.
  • Yey, best news of todays rainy day - thank you guys for the effort.
  • Hola con esta version (desconozco si han sacado nueva version) no se si os pasa pero se me pierde la conexión en internet para google chrome o incluso el correo deja de funcionar, Si cesconecto el secuextender se soluciona el error y luego vuelvo a conectar. Ya me contais si os pasa. Gracias 
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    Not happen on me, can your VPN server forward the traffic to internet?

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