Italian Hotel Uses Pandemic as Opportunity to Upgrade Its In-room WiFi

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Tursport Hotel Residence

“Nebula has allowed us to revolutionize the network of the Tursport Hotel Residence. It’s been modernized to fulfill all the new needs of customers, readying the hotel for a prompt return to business.”

Antonio Bruno
Technical Manager, TelesSecurity SRL

Although the pandemic has been an existential challenge for many hospitality businesses, it has also offered them a chance to review and upgrade their service offerings to meet customers’ modern needs. The Tursport Hotel Residence in southern Italy consulted with its system integrator TeleSecurity SRL for a network refresh. The hotel’s top priority: guaranteeing strong, smooth wireless connectivity in every suite and apartment, sufficient to support the rooms’ smart TVs and guests’ mobile devices. Separating the data of guests from the corporate side was also critical, as was strict GDPR compliance and perimeter security. Delivering high-performance WiFi started with installing Zyxel’s NWA1302-AC APs, ideal for guest room installations, and its NWA1123-ACv2, specially designed for large spaces. These devices can be managed anytime, anywhere via Zyxel’s cloud-based NebulaFlex. Meanwhile, the hotel deployed Zyxel’s GS1920 Smart Managed Switch and XS3800 fiber core switch, both of which are tailored for aggregating networks such as those of SMEs. What’s a stay at the Tursport Hotel Residence like now? Every guest room has perfectly functioning smart devices and every guest has high-performance WiFi. Furthermore, the network’s optimized structure supports the use of VoIP equipment on dedicated VLANs, and the ATP 700 firewall keeps all data secure and the network safe from cyberthreats.

  • Guarantee reliable wireless connectivity to all rooms and apartments, also supporting smart TVs and mobile devices. 
  • Ensure strict data protection in compliance with GDPR and separate networks for guests and staff

  • High-speed, seamless WiFi services available throughout the hotel 
  • Switches make for secure and optimized network infrastructure with dedicated VLANs 
  • Top-grade security protection prevents data breaches and emerging cyberattacks

Product used
NWA1123-ACv2 802.11ac Access Point
GS1920 Smart Managed Switch
ATP700 ATP Firewall
NWA1302-AC 802.11ac Access Point
XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

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