USG FLEX 700 - Problem while deleting static IP/MAC bind on DHCP Table of an Interface

I have a problem deleting/editing a record on my Interface/Static DHCP Table. On the interface i have a lot of record that i can edit and delete. only one of them is untouchable... Everytime i try to edit/delete it i get an error like this:
CLI Number: 17
Error Number: -4005
Error Message: 'DHCP pool does not exist.'
I'm operating from web interface.
All others records are editable and deletable.
I rebooted the device.

FW: V5.10(ABWD.0) / 2021-09-23 16:27:07


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  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Could you send the startup-config.conf to me in private message and let me know which one is not able to be deleted?
  • Nicolo
    Nicolo Posts: 2
    Hi, I've just resolved the issue with the Zyxel Support. It was a record with a wrong character.
    Thanks anyway
  • PavelCh
    Hi, I have the same problem on the ATP500. How did you manage to solve it? HW problem?
  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @PavelCh
    The previous issue seems come from wrong character in configuration.
    How about share your configuration for further check? and also let us know which IP/MAC rule with the problem.  :)
  • terapcpros

    i believe that i am having the same issue with wrong charactes in the desciption of the reservation. if i try to unreserve the address i get the "Interface can not unbind DHCP pool" error. i believe the issue is that there is "" in the desscription of the reservation. If i try to delete them, it gives me this error "DHCP static host setting conflict". This happens with all reservations that have "" in the description. Everthing works fine, if there is no "" in the reservation description … I appreciate any and all assistance ! Thanks John !

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