Extend antennas on USG FLEX 100W and USG20W-VPN?

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I need to extend the antennas a short distance (approximately 1.5 meters) on our USG FLEX 100W and USG20W-VPN outside a ''design'' metal rack cabinet to get a reliable signal. But due to the aesthetic there has been ''discussions'' about thoose ugly external antennas and why there has to be three of them visible :o... Was thinking about using Teltonika PR1KRD30 antennas.

We only use 2.4GHz on the USG20W-VPN and only 5Ghz on USG FLEX 100W with maxium of 10meters range inhouse (brick walls with open doorways and some closed glass doors with wooden frames).

So before I'll go buying two or six antennas I have two questions:

1. Do I need to use all of the antennas on respective device to get maximum speed for usage as mentioned above or can I get full maximum speed with just one antenna extension and unscrew the rest?

2. What is the antenna order (wave frequencies) on respective device? Cannot find any details about it in any Zyxel documentation.

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    Hi @Ensto


    Both USG20W-VPN and USG FLEX 100W with the same spec can reach your requirement to cover 10 meters range in house. But you mentioned about the metal rack cabinet, the metal will lead to loss of radio frequency if you put the device in the cabinet and it might be the reason that you want to use antennas.


    US (FCC) 2.4GHz : 25 dBm

    US (FCC) 5GHz : 25 dBm

    EU (ETSI) 2.4GHz : 20 dBm

    EU (ETSI) 5GHz : 20 dBm


    For your interested, the antenna of two models are all unique and doesn’t have order or priority. But you have to use all 3 antennas since every antenna is for each chain and spatial steam if you want to have better throughput.




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    Hi @mMontana


    Yes, we had many antennas for users to choose and change but some are not available due to new generation of products. We’re considering release new type antennas for users to pick out. Stay tuned!


    We also checked more detail information for @Ensto of 3 antennas on USG20W-VPN and USG FLEX 100W. When you look through the front panel of device, the left one is 2.4G/5G dual-band antenna, the middle one is 5G dual-band antenna, and the right one is used for 2.4G antenna.


    If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.




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