Possibility to have empty "Customized Login Page" and "Customized Access Page" Titles

Dear ZyXEL Team,

For appliances with 4.65 firmware:

In System -> WWW -> Login Page -> Desktop View and Mobile View:
Can you add the possibility to have empty "Customized Login Page" and "Customized Access Page" Titles?

It is already possible to have nothing in "Note Message" in Desktop View.

Thanks in advance.

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    USG supports customize web portal.
    (1) You can go to Web Authentication > Custom Web Portal File to download default portal.
    (2) And then edit XXX.html file > Re-zip files > Rename ZIP > and upload edited zip file.
    (3) Go to "Authentication type" to create customize rule.
    (4) Go to general, you can add WebAuth rule and select "Authentication type" rule which you added in #3.

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