Indian Agricultural College Plants Seeds of Success for Students’ Careers with Zyxel Networks

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College of Horticulture and Forestry


The college of Horticulture and Forestry has been growing steadily in recent years as regional demand for academic and practical expertise in agriculture has grown in step with the advancement of related technology. Having purchased Zyxel solutions in the past and satisfied with their performance, it returned to Zyxel to update and expand its network to meet the growing demand.

Those previous purchases comprised Zyxel switches and access points deployed in separate buildings for different departments. Now, however, the college wanted to expand its network by implementing compatible APs and security solutions in order to provide the best possible educational experience.

Accordingly, WAC6103D-I 802.11ac APs and USG210 UTM solutions were deployed, while smart managed switches with redundancies and fiber transceivers were installed to ensure non-stop connectivity.

With the new solutions in place, the college has been more than happy with its performance and is eyeing Zyxel for other projects in the future – projects that will prove supremely easy given the current network’s scalable, futureproof infrastructure. The network is now ready for full-time in-classroom education, distance learning, and anything in between. It’s also providing sufficient bandwidth for both staff and students as well as helping the college manage the network from one centralized location with ease.

  • Build a new network to provide students with a smoother educational experience through superior wireless connectivity 
  • Eliminate student difficulties connecting their devices to the current network 
  • Deliver stable connectivity across the college and put in place sufficient infrastructure for smart classroom applications
  • Stable WiFi connectivity and complete network security 
  • Security solution USG210 provides college with precise and robust data traffic controls 
  • Central management allows network to be monitored and controlled remotely and without special training 
  • Hassle-free WiFi delivers better student engagement
Product Used
XGS4600-32 L3 Managed Switch
GS1900-10HP Smart Managed PoE Switch
WAC6103D-I 802.11ac Access Point
USG210 UTM Firewall
SFP-LX-15DS Fiber Transceiver

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