NWA1123ACv3 managed mode

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We bought 6 NWA1123ACv3 access point thinking they will replace the NWA1123ACv2 but it seems that we cannot manage this new modèle from USG40w.
Please is there a way to make the NWA1123ACv3 manageable capwap mode with the USG40W ?

Thanks !!

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  • PeterUK
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    You can't manage the NWA1123ACv3 with the USG40W if you look here:


    Operating mode lists

    Cloud managed


    But for a say WAX510D


    Operating mode

    Nebula Cloud managed



    Its a easy mistake to make did it myself

  • IT_Field_Support
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    yes very easy mistake I know... I have 6 of these which are now useless. we couldn't order the v2 so I though the v3 will be the one that replace it.. This is a stupid move from Zyxel.
    So I bought WAC500 which are compatible, and it seems that it is the same hardware as the NWA1123ACv3 so I hope with a firmware change we can convert them.. What do you think Zyxel ?


  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @IT_Field_Support


    The NWA1123ACv3 supports NebulaFlex, giving you the ability to easily switch between standalone and Nebula cloud central management.


    Although the NWA1000 Series can’t be managed by AP controller but both of NWA1123ACv3 and ACv2 can be managed by Nebula Control Center.

    We also suggest to deploy NWA1123ACv3 rather than ACv2 for enjoying with new hardware, firmware version and features such as remote access on Nebula.


    If you only consider to manage APs with an on-premises controller, the WAC500 is suggested for a complex one that requires advanced features such as Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR)        and Remote AP (RAP).


    Thank you