USG60 4.3 and 4.31 VOIP constant problems - gave up and downgraded to 4.25



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    I went through this with some older model Zyxel firewalls. Actually gave up selling voip solutions due to inability to get a reliable solution. I'd like to add VOIP back to my MSP mix if the USG / ATP series has solid sip handling?
  • Have Problems with lost Audio to since upgraded to 4.3 last versions to. 
    we use about 50 zywalls and all these have somtimes no audio at a call. next call to same No. works. this is about 4-5 times a day.

    alg is off and we work with forwardings (source adress is known and route is added in security policy)

    on one site we tried to use alg . nothing better

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    Hi @webdisaster  

    We have fixed a similar issue which UDP session disconnected by system.

    You can download WK19 firmware by official FTP server

    After upgraded firmware, go to enable ALG function to keep SIP session. And monitor it if issue still exist.

    Enable “SIP ALG” and “Configuration SIP Inactivity Timeout”.

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    @Zyxel_Stanley In another thread ( you said that the WK19 firmware only addresses a vulnerability in the hotspot function:
    This is a hotfix firmware for specific exposed vulnerability.
    Now you're saying that the WK19 firmware includes at least one other change (in SIP ALG). Can you elaborate on what other changes there are when compared to the latest official firmware? There is no changelog included in the WK19 firmware.
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    Hi @MarkoD

    The WK19 firmware has included all of resolved issues since 4.33 FCS firmware.

    In next FCS version will list all of them in release note.

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    Release Notes for Weekly Support Version

    WK19 2019:

    [Vulnerability]Unauthorized usage of dynamic account generator.
    USG210 unable to force logout a user from within the webgui
    Link Sticking issue
    arp proxy not working after a reboot of the USG60W
    [Forum] GEO-IP Block only working after a restart
    Remove overwrite flag disable warning message when setting/vlan config.
    [SSL VPN] SSL WEB Application. [Forum]
    USG Series / Gros problè IPv6 avec firmware supéeurme | 4.25 USG60 / USG110

    WK17 2019:

    Fix: Enable AntiSpam function will cause external mail cannot send to internal mail server by SMTP protocol.
    Fix: USG110 "Proxy by controller directly" function not working
    Fix: When the interface IP address of interface address object changed, the related policy rule which refer the address object did not apply the new IP address.
    Fix: When creating a PPPoE WAN with VLAN6 as base, the default DUID is not filled.
    Fix: ATP500 freeze randomly.
    Fix: Cannot change type of an address object
    Fix: Device sends password expire notification to user everyday even the function doesn't enabled.
    Fix: Device unexpected reboot by detect system hanged
    Fix: IPSec 2FA need Mode config, if client disable Mode config it cause 2FA not work
    Fix: L2TP with Domain Name does not connect after upgrade new firmware
    Fix: Object reference table always show remote-assistance.
    Fix: cannot open web console when using IE browser.

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