Does USG support IPv4 over IPv6?

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My ISP provide new function. The function provides global IPv4 address on IPv6 connection service.
I would like to use this function using my USG310. This function needs router which support IPv4 over IPv6.

Does USG support IPv4 over IPv6?

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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @SandB,
    Do you mean IPv6 DS-lite?  Could you share more information about the ISP ”new function”?
  • SandB
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    Hi Zyxel_Cooldia,

    That's maybe IPv6 DS-lite or near technology.

    I have little information.
    I'm asking my ISP about detailed information. I'd like to share everything I know.
    Following is the summary of new service translated from ISP's news release.

    (1) The feature fo service
    - One global ipv4 address is assigned fixedly.
    - End to end communication is enable without shareing and without port limit.
    - Using IP-in-IP tunneling technology (IPv4 over IPv6).

    (2) Supported appliance
    Router which supports IPv4 in IPv6.
    Appliance verified by ISP: YAMAHA NVR/RTX series, NEC IX series, etc.

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