USG110 - Where to send false positives queries?


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    Hi Zyxel_Cooldia,
    Could you kindly give us an answer to our question regarding the password protected file? This would be appreciated that we could proceed in this regard.
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    Hi Cooldia,  how're you doing? Can I expect an answer to my question above? Presently different machines cause to an virus alert by USG when using the Windows Update function. What about the password protected
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    The BDSYS tool gathers information about your system, applications, Bitdefender and how they react. 
    It also collects all known virus signatures to make sure that the device is not infected. 
    This will not gather any personal information such as the content of your e-mails, pictures or e-mails however if any are infected we will only know their location and the name of the file

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