USG20W: disable the Admin Web authentification on the WAN side, but keep it internally (LAN)

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Hi all, this question has been asked before but my requirements are slightly different/simpler.

 I have the Zyxel USG20W. I have added the rules as per the manual to prevent anyone logging in to the admin page from the WAN but what I really want is to have the Web Administration page not appear at all for anyone coming in from the WAN ( but be visible , obviously, from the LAN) . Is there a config setting I am missing? 

Thanks in advance


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    Hi @moonmoth,
    It control by Security policy “Wan to ZyWall”, you can remove Web GUI https port from Default_Allow_Wan_to_Zywall service group.

    Go to “Configuration > Object > Service > Service group”, click Default_Allow_Wan_to_Zywall and remove https port.

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    Thats fixed it. Thanks very much. You are a star. 


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