Unable to unencrypt emailed config files from USG FLEX 500.

Greetings Support,

My USG Flex 500 [FW: 5.10(ABUJ.0)] emails out the configuration file on a daily basis, with the Encryption password enabled. When the email arrives in I'm unable to unencrypted the file using the assigned password. Selecting the "unmask" button shows me the applied password, which is the same one I use to unencrypted. I have now removed the Encryption password, doing this allows me to read the configuration file attached to the email.

Any assistance appreciated.



  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi Niall
    I can extract the config file with password "[email protected]".
    Could I know what kind of password you used ? Or you could send private message to me.
    I will try to reproduced the symptoms. 

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