XMG3927-B50A Connect to FTTP (Full fibre)

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I have a ZYXEL XMG3927-B50A connected to a FTTC setup with TalkTalk. My Zyxel then connects via (cat5e and cat6 cable) to 2 other routers as AP connection. My setup works great The parental control work via the Zyxel throughout my system and get great coverage/signal. Im due to change over to a Full Fibre Connection FTTP with TalkTalk, as I dont want to change much/anything in my system I still want to use my Zyxel as router only which will be connected to a Openreach modem I guess. What setting do I need to do/change to flick this over to the FTTP connection and still keep my system running as it is (with the extra 2 routers working as they are at the moment). I dont want to use the TalkTalk router at all if possible. Thank You