dual XGS1010-12 10gig passthrough

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So i have dual of these XGS1010-12 switches both with two 10gig sfp+ ports. On one switch I'm using both SFP+ 10g ports. One to connect to my router and the second port to pass through to my second XGS1010-12 switches 10g sfp port. I seem to have a lot of issues were this is disconnecting the second XGS1010-12 when i put close to 10gig bandwidth use over it. I'm unsure if this is not supported on this switch. It said it could be use as core backbone which is what i was trying to use them for having one pass the 10gig onto the second switch. Could this be a issue with the SFP+ i have they are all QSFPTEK 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 Transceiver, SFP to rj45 Copper Module. I have used a tester to verify sfp and cable to be able to pass and receive 10g without issue. This leads me to wonder if the switches have a issue.

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    Hi @Devincean,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    From your description, I assume your network topology is like:

    May you share more details about your testing like how you test and more specific about the symptom(disconnecting)?
    I am not sure if you saw the packet loss or actually Switch port link down when issue happened.

    Please also note that you may use SFP+ to RJ45 transceiver, but we don't guarantee it will work without any problem when connecting on our Switch.
    Therefore, I would also recommend you trying Zyxel 10G transceiver and fiber cable on our Switch.

    Hope it helps.