Site-wide WiFi and Security Makes Life Easier for Turkish Paint Factory

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Kubilay Boya

“As part of this transformation with Zyxel, our operations have become manageable over the cloud – and that includes both our wired and wireless products in all areas of our factory.”

Hikmet Soydam
Information Technologies Consultant
Kubilay Boya


With outages, dead spots, and weak signals hampering productivity at its factory, Kubilay Boya’s management reached out to its SI partner Fonetsan Information Technologies. As well as upgrading the network for better connectivity and reliability, the company also needed robust security. Atilla Ceyhan, Co-Founder of Fonetsan Information Technologies, led this project. He indicated that those needs made the project perfect for Zyxel’s Nebula cloud networking solution. He said, “Nebula allows compatible devices to be set up and configured simply and in real time. And in our experience, it always gives you easy access to every device across whatever site you’re connecting.” Zyxel’s NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac APs were installed to deliver seamless WiFi, allowing devices to have strong connections wherever they are in the factory. Next, GS1900 Series Smart Managed PoE Switches were used to split the internal network into VLANs to ensure secure communication. The final piece of the puzzle was using the GS1920-24HPv2 switch to update the redundancy system, with servers installed in two different locations in the factory. For staff, the difference was immediate. Work is now smooth and efficient thanks to the strong, factory-wide connectivity provided through the effective network configurations made possible by Nebula cloud management. This difference has extended to the IT team, which can now centrally manage network equipment and devices with ease.

  • Resolve internal communication failures at the factory 
  • Prevent time wasted in data processes 
  • Allow separated network management in the network infrastructure 
  • Make wireless available throughout the entire factory Kubilay Boya 

  • Enhanced security of internal communication by using VLANs 
  • Efficient, holistic wired and wireless network management through the cloud, saving effort and time for the IT team 
  • Network reliability thanks to seamless connectivity everywhere in the factory

Product used
NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point
GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch
GS1900-10HP/24HP/48HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

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