mellanox 25G eth card on xs1930-10 by sfp28

I use a mellanox 4121A (25/10G) eth card , but there's no any Tx/Rx data, the firmware and driver is fine. so I guess maybe the question is the switcher , but I don't know how to config, anyone help? Thx a lot !

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    Hi @xs1930,

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    From the port status image, we can see that port 9 is not even link up.

    After investigating the network card and SFP you used, I notice that the Mellanox 4121A is able to perform 10G, but not for RTXM330-005. Seems that the SFP is only support 25G, so please ensure this SFP is backward compatibility to 10G.

    In addition, you may consider Zyxel SFP which demonstrates in our switch datasheet.
    For 10G, we have SFP 10G-SR and 10G-LR.

    Hope it helps.

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  • Thanks a lot ! I changed my cable with a 10G dac copper,then the eth card works . Now I konw the sfp28 cable could not auto-negotiation to sfp+, even the eth card and switcher can.