How to configure Device Insight

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How to configure Device Insight

Device Insight continuously monitors the network to detect wired and wireless devices, collect their information, and classify them into specific categories or operating system. It helps users simply discover and manage devices.

Enable Device Insight and create profile

In the Web GUI, go to Configuration > Object > Device Insight, enable the checkbox

Then, click to Add button to create a new profile, select the device based on category and operating system you want to manage.

Apply the Device Insight profile to policy control

Go to Configuration > Security Policy > Policy Control, create a new policy rule or select an existing one to apply the Device Insight profile. In the Device field, choose the Device Insight profile.

Remove selected device from the table

Go to Monitor > Network Status > Device Insight. Select one or more rules and click Remove to remove devices from the table. If the device is on the block list, it cannot be removed.

Online status of IPSec VPN client

Once the IPSec VPN client is connected and shows on MONITOR > VPN Monitor > IPSec, the online status and user name of IPSec VP client display in MONIOR > Device Insight.

Feedback button for Category/OS/Type

Select one rule and click Feedback to submit the request if Category/OS/Type of the device is incorrect.

Test result

Once you enable Device Insight, gateway starts to collect client device’s information, and query the fingerprint database to deeply identify. Go to Monitor > Network Status > Device Insight, you can monitor the client device list with their detail information. Based on device info, you also can restrict access by adding to block list.