GS1900-E24 perfectly running but unreacheable via https

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Hi. I am searching some help for this problem. My switch is perfectly running as switch, but I am not able to reach it via web interface. Firstly I tryed at last saved address, secondly after keepeng pressed reset button for 15 seconds, (assuming default address) I set my PC to but nor me nor ZON utility are able to reach it. Ping does not reply, admin web interface the same.

What can i do to understand the problem?

Edit: found after seeing that if after its reset it find a DHCP it get an IP, thank you

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    Hi @franz,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!
    It's glad to see your issue has been solved.
    Our switch will try to get DHCP IP after you reset to default.
    If it get a DHCP IP, you may access device WEB GUI with the DHCP IP.
    If it can't get DHCP IP, you may access device WEB GUI with

    Zyxel Melen