Turkish Hospital’s Networking Diagnosis Has a Prescription Only the Cloud Can Fill

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Aydin Ataturk State Hospital

“Zyxel’s Nebula cloud networking management solution is just what our hospital needed. With Nebula, we can reconfigure and control all network devices 24/7 from anywhere, making it infinitely more manageable.”

Op. Dr. Niyazi Kocakaplan
Chief Physician
Aydin Ataturk State Hospital

Aydin Ataturk State Hospital moved to invest in new technology to improve the quality of its services and meet its growing business needs – it already had 98 outpatient clinics, the wireless demands of which it was struggling to satisfy. The hospital identified Zyxel’s Nebula solution as ticking the boxes it needed to make high-quality, uninterrupted WiFi available for staff and patients site-wide. In addition to reliable, secure, and fast internet access, the cloud-based solution promised more effective management of the network and operational processes. To make that happen, Zyxel Networks and its SI partner, Akbim Bilgisayar, separated the network for staff and patients with GS1920 Series switches to connect to endpoints and allow the hospital’s IT staff to centrally manage the network using the Nebula Control Center. The separated networks build a more secure environment to protect patient data and provide more efficient bandwidth management. Finally, NWA1123-AC PRO Access Points were deployed to deliver high-speed wireless throughout the clinics. With the deployment done, the hospital’s digital transition is in full swing. Management by the IT team is simplified and light-years ahead of where it was, and every clinic can now rely on their internet connection.

  • Ensure stable internet access in all outpatient clinics despite the large spaces and high density of staff and patients involved 
  • Increase wireless network capacity to ensure high operational efficiency 
  • Allow the management of network devices from a single point

  • Significantly increased network performance and quality enable enhanced work and operating efficiency 
  • Separated network for staff and patients to ensure security of hospital data 
  • Centralized network management enables easier control of multiple devices in vastly separated areas and reduced IT workload

Product used
NWA1123-AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point
GS1920-8HPv2/24v2/48v2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

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