NWA210AX - Transmit power stuck to 16dBm or 22dBm in 160Mhz


I have a NWA210AX wifi access point.
I live in Switzerland and the channels 100 to 140 can legally be used at 30dBm (1000mW), while the channels 36 to 64 can be used at 22dBm (200mW).
So it should be possible to run on channel 120 with 160Mhz with the full 30dBm of power, if my understanding is correct.
However, the transmit power is at 16dBm when I select 160Mhz on channel 120.
If I set it to channel 112, then the power goes to 22dBm.
The same thing happens even when 80Mhz or lower is used.

What can I do to run my access point at 30dBm?

Here are the power limits according to the federal government: 

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  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @Anonymous0 @undsie

    For CE, the max output power of band 3 is 30dBm EIRP. 
    The output power value on the GUI is conducted value, not EIRP. 

    Since we have to consider about the CE tolerance as 1.5dBm and atenna gain as 6dBi, that's why it will show 22dBm via the radio GUI.


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  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @Anonymous0

    According to NWA210AX spec, the conducted transmit output power for 5G is 22dBm.


    I had a test for channel 112 and channel 120, and both of them can have the output power as 22dBm without any issue. While changing the channel, the AP will choose band1 which will transmits 16dBm output power for around 1 minute. But it will get back to 22dBm when the channel changed to channel 120 successfully. This might be the reason why you saw 16dBm for channel 120.
    If you still meet the output power issue for channel 120, can you take a screenshot of the radio?
    Please also provide me your org/site name and active the Zyxel support. I will realize the AP status.


  • Hi @Zyxel_Joslyn

    Thanks for the reply.
    After waiting several minutes the AP does indeed go to 22dBm transmit power.

    It is however not clear to me, why it does not go above 22dBm.
    The screenshot you posted are typical transmit powers, not limits.
    In fact my 2.4Ghz channel is running at 20dBm, which is also higher than in the specification (it says 19dBm).
    Also, just above the highlighted part of the screenshot, it says the typical transmit power is 25dBm in the US, so it can definitely go higher than 22dBm.

    The EIRP limit in EU is 30dBm for channels 100 to 140 (5470Mhz to 5725Mhz).
    Even if add the peak antenna gain of 6dBi of the AP and 0dB connector loss, it should be able to go to at very least 24dBm transmit power to stay within the 30dBm EIRP limit.

    What am I missing here?

  • undsie
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    Sorry for getting into the discussion, but I have a similar problem(EU version). As far as I can tell, the AP can emit at max 22 dBm, so it will never go to 30 dBm(according to the AP specs);but this 22 dBm should be used across all channels in the EU if I understand the documentation right(EU safety warnings - NWA210AX  Safety Warnings- CE+UKCA+TR+NCC+RU+UA_DoC(A3).pdf).

    My apoligies again for hijacking this thread. I have opened my own with a lot of questions(waiting for moderator approval).