USG110 FW update - details lost in startup-config

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End of December we've updated our USG110 from 4.65 AAPH.1 to 4.70 AAPH.0 without problems.

Today one of our SSL-VPN User tried to log-in the first time since the update and complained that this was not longer possible. We've checked the USG and it has been turned out that this user account was missing completely. But he was already working for weeks in 2021 via SSL-VPN!

Could it be that for any reasons certain configuration settings will not be saved in startup-config?
After updating to 4.70 I've saved the config file as usual. This file has been reviewed today by text editor and this users was indeed not available!

Now we've added the user account again so that the user is able to connect again. And now the saved config file contains the user account as well. But do I have to check whether the saved config contains all changes made every time?

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    Hi @USG_User,
    Not sure what's happened.
    So that recommend to take some monitoring action. That might has a chance to catch something.
    1. Send "User" category log to external syslog server or save to USB flash disk.
    This can monitor if any abnormal user object change(add/edit/delete) action happened.

    2. Setup Configuration Schedule Backup everyday.
    At least you can tracking what's changed in the configuration.

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