IPSec VPN Profile for IOS with FW 5.2

Mario Posts: 72  Ally Member
I  test the new native IPSec v2 connection to an Ipad with FW 5.2 (great work, BTW 👍)
How can I get the config to my Ipda? At the end of the "quick setup" I can export the config, but can I also get it from the webinterface when I log in with the VPN user?  (self-service)
This was possible with the old L2TP VPN over the "Configuration Provisioning" option.
Currently I don't see an option for this?

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  • CHS
    CHS Posts: 122  Ally Member
    It looks you have to add IKEv2 configuration manually....since iPadOS is neither iOS or macOS.
    You can export the certificate from firewall, and open it by Safari.
    And then go to create IKEv2 VPN rule on your iPad after trusting the certificate.
  • Mario
    Mario Posts: 72  Ally Member
    Hi @CHS
    Thanks for your reply. At 5.2 you have the optoin to export "RemoteAccess_iOS_301.mobileconfig" at the end of the quick setup (small icon on the left side) .
    You can import this file on IOS and just enter username and password, then the vpn works.
    I like to have an option to allow the users to log on on the firewall directly on IOS / Android and get the "RemoteAccess_iOS_301.mobileconfig" or "RemoteAccess_ANDROID_270.sswan" for IOS or Android.

  • Zyxel_Stanley
    Zyxel_Stanley Posts: 982  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Mario
    VPN configuration provision already supported for IOS. User could download configuration after logging to portal. But doesn't support for Android yet.
    I will report it as idea section for new enhancement in the future.
    Thanks for your feedback. :)

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