USG60W - Easy Setup Wizard created a wifi network on LAN2 and not on LAN1...

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I did a factory reset and then updated the firmware on a USG60W to V4.70(AAKZ.0). I then used the Easy Setup Wizard to get the device online. During this process I set a wifi network for internal network users (not intended as a guest network). The device did this but created the wifi on LAN2 which is a different subnet to LAN1 where all the wired devices are. Can I change the configuration to move the wifi network over to the LAN1 network? If so, please can you provide the instructions? Thank you.


PS - The reason I had to factory reset the device was because earlier I created a port forwarding rule in Easy Setup Wizard that simply refused to be deleted and of course it couldn't be deleted on the Advanced interface.

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    elkrust Posts: 22  Freshman Member
    OK, I have managed to answer my own question - BUT IT WASN'T EASY. 
    The whole thing went wrong when I wanted to delete the port forwarding rule that was created about 3 years ago via the Easy Setup Wizard. I could not delete it despite all my efforts. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version V4.70(AAKZ.0) but still no dice. In the end, I had no choice but to factory reset the device and recreate the WAN, LAN, wifi, port forwarding and UTM profiles via the initial setup wizard. I then discovered that the only wifi network created had been created on LAN2 and not the preferred LAN1. As Zyxel does not allow the profiles created vis the setup wizards to be edited, there was no obvious way to correct this. So I had to create a new wifi network associated with LAN1 in Expert mode (not an intuitive exercise!) and then delete the unwanted wifi network tethered to LAN2.
    Feedback to Zyxel - Easy Setup Wizards should be editable and Expert Mode should be more intuitive! I am sure there was a wifi wizard on previous versions of the firmware?

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