IP changing back and forth between VPN Server and ISP Server

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I have configured a easy connection to a vpn server using wan connection thru 2ltp. 

Now wehn I check my IP online it keeps changing between the one the VPN Server provide me and the one from my ISP, back and forth.

Any idea where this could come from?



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    Can you collect the  following information to check?

    1)     Show USG policy route

                      => SSH connect to USG and type CLI.

                      => Router# show policy-route

    2)     Show Windows routing table before L2TP connect to USG

                     => In Windows command prompt: use "route print -4" command to share the dumped information to us

    3)     Show Windows routing table after L2TP connect to USG

                     => In Windows cmd prompt, use route print -4 to dump the message again

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    Thank you, I hope it helps.

    1)Router> show policy-route
    index: 1
      active: yes
      auto-disable: no
      user: any
      schedule: none
      interface: none
      tunnel: WIZ_L2TP_VPN
      sslvpn: none
      source: any
      destination: any
      DSCP code: any
      service: any
      srcport: any
      nexthop type: Auto
      nexthop: auto
      nexthop state: Not support
      auto destination: no
      SNAT: outgoing-interface
      DSCP marking: preserve
      connectivity-check: no

    2 / 3) No difference before and after:

    first before, 2nd after

    To be clear, I use a WAN coonection over l2tp

    wan1_ppp ist active and connected

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    somehow forgot to post pic for step 2 / 3 -> https://snag.gy/Fxylt3.jpg
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    Hi @SemiLucas,
    I see, so the USG is l2tp client, instead of l2tp server role. can you send me your configuration file via private message.

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