India’s Solar Power Plant Scales Up Surveillance Network Easily with Zyxel Switching Solution

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Adani Solar

Adani Solar has more than 500 CCTV cameras and state-of-the -art high-end manufacturing machines and servers. They needed to build a new network infrastructure to support stable live feeds of the new cameras to their main control room. 
The main requirement from the customer side was to have the best solution with the best price. In order to keep the quality intact, the local partner Infrasoul Techserve suggested Zyxel Networks because of our local presence, competent technical support, and good product-price mix. After reviewing Zyxel’s products, Adani thought GS2210-8HP L2 Managed PoE Switches were the best fit for their requirements. GS2210 series switches featured effective traffic management for converged applications like IP surveillance as well as fast and easy installation.
After the deployment, the power plant now has better bandwidth to ensure smooth and uninterrupted data transmission. This advanced management system enables them to efficiently control and monitor their surveillance cameras across the vast plant.

  • To build a new network system that can support efficient management of surveillance cameras located in the vast plant and for future expansion 
  • To find a solution with the best price-performance ratio

  • Advanced control and monitoring of surveillance system across the entire plant area 
  • Streamlined network management for high-speed, uninterrupted network 

Product used
GS2210-8HP L2 Managed PoE Switch

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