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I have a few vendor managed switches in my environment, netgear, dlink, tplink and they all play nice. I needed more ports in one of my closets, and the Zyxel GS1900-24 fit the bill. I am trying to set up the switch using ports 1, 2, 3 as trunk ports with tagged vlan ids of 100 + 200 and untagged management 1, which is how the existing dlink is setup and working fine for years.

This is not working with the Zyxel. In fact when I plug in the upstream switch to port 1 I see no traffic. I setup port 4 as an untagged member of vlan 100 with a pvid of 100 and nothing. I have port 10 plugged into an untagged vlan port 100/1 on the upstream switch for management purposes and when I plug in the tagged port 1 to the upstream switch I can't access the switch. I have to unplug tagged port 1 to gain Zyxel web access.  Seem strange since I can't ping the switch IP with port 1 plugged in (shouldn't the untagged management port work here?)

Can someone explain how I set the vlans up so they work? I have not had this hard of a time with any other managed switch.

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    After rechecking my configuration I have the vlans working and they cascade like I expect. I had to move the management off 1 to my main vlan 100. That doesn't make sense to me but nothing to worry about. Thanks for reading..

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    Maybe your other switch allowed for any VLAN to manage the switch?
  • PeterUK said:
    Maybe your other switch allowed for any VLAN to manage the switch?

    The other switches have vlan  1 as untagged on all the ports and it seems to work. I am OK with changing the management to vlan 100 just interesting I didn't have to do this with any other switch. Everything else is fine now the switch is up and running. Replaced the managed 10 port and unmanaged 16 port switches I had in my garage closet. It amazes me the price drops in managed switches.