Conf NWA110AX in Repeater Mode with a Third Party in "Root AP" Mode

I have a NWA110AX I'd like to configure in Repeater Mode with an existing Third Party AP. Zyxel Manuals instruct how to perform such configuration provided both APs are Zyxel. In my scenario the "Root AP" isn't Zyxel. Thank you.

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Accepted Answer
    Hi @strivoli

    Zyxel Access Point can only be the repeater of other Zyxel Access Points.
    It's because we use our own proprietary mechanism to ensure the security of the traffic between two APs. Which is not compatible to products of other brands.

    In your scenario, kindly configure one NWA110AX as the root first, and then configure the other Zyxel AP as repeater, so that they can auto establish the connection with each other.

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