GS1900-48HPv2_2 Port LEDs always OFF after firmware update.

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After updating to GS1900-48HPv2_2.60(ABTQ.4)C0 and entering the switch web interface, all the port LEDs on the status page image appear OFF, i.e. NOT green. If I activate the backup firmware version V2.60(ABTQ.0), they come back to life.
I'm away from the switch, so I cannot say if even the fisical LEDs are OFF with the fw or not.

Am I missing some new energy saving feature or is there something wrong?

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    Hi @Mr_MT,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    I've tried doing some local LAB, but didn't see the symptoms you've mentioned.
    Please check your inbox message, I had sent you a private message, I need your help to provide a screenshot of the status page including the panel and device information.

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    Hi Jonas, 
    message sent.


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    Hello Jonas,
    did you get my private message?