Solving the Case of the Missing WiFi at Mystery Hungarian Hotel

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Mystery Hotel Budapest

Seeking to introduce an IP camera system, VoIP telephones, and other endpoint equipment, the hotel’s internal network structure was sure to be complex. And, in addition to providing top-end WiFi to match such a high-end hotel, ensuring network security and preventing the possibility of staff or guests falling victim to a cyberattack was a top priority. With these objectives in mind, a robust, structured network consisting of Zyxel products was designed and deployed. The backbone of the network was constructed using GS2210 series and GS1920 series network switches along with WAC5302D-S 802.11ac wall-plate access points. Designed specifically with hotels in mind, these APs feature smart antenna and beamforming to optimize RF as well as three downlink Gigabit Ethernet ports – one of which has PoE function, allowing it to power in-room services such as smart TVs and VoIP phones. The hotel also deployed a USG310 UTM Firewall to ensure network security by preventing external intrusions, including from evolving threats. Now, with the solutions in place and performing smoothly, hotel guests and staff alike are enjoying secure, high-speed internet access and internet-powered smart devices in every room on every floor. 

  • Develop a premium quality wireless network capable of supporting simultaneous connections from large numbers of devices 
  • Ensure full network security to prevent external and internal cyberattacks

  • Fast and reliable backbone network infrastructure supports high-quality wireless network 
  • Full wireless coverage and fast internet service allow hotel guests and staff to access internet simultaneously 
  • Highly secure connections backed by advanced security gateways provide peace of mind

Product used
GS2210-24HP/48HP L2 Managed PoE Switch
GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch
NWA5123-AC HD 802.11ac Access Point 
USG310 UTM Firewall
NXC5500 WLAN Controller
WAC5302D-S 802.11ac Access Point

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