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Hi, first time here. I manage an apt building. The system in place was here before I got here, so I do not know details of why they have what is here. We have our internet feed from modem going into an old Juniper WLC100 then into a GS 1910/24 and out to the POE beacons several on each floor. The Juniper is eol as is the 1910. Do I even need the WLC if I get a 1920? Can the modem feed straight into the 1920 and then I set it up to manage all the access points? I think the WLC was in place to provide all apts access to their own wi fi. We no longer provide that, so? 

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    Hi @blueprintcapital,

    As I've checked, the Juniper WLC100 is a wireless controller, so I assume that your company APs are also using Juniper products, and the main purpose of it is to centralize manage all the AP.
    In general, your requirement still could be achieved without WLC100, but you will need to individually connect to AP for management.

    Hope it helps