Changed the Certificate on the VPN Gateway

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Hi I'm pretty inexperienced with Zyxel problems. I was trying to make some changes on my companis Zyxel VPN and accidentally changed the certificate on the VPN Gateway tab. Now I cannot acces the VPN remotely anymore. How can I get back into the Hub and change it back.

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  • CP98
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    Is there a possibility to access the router over a wired connection?

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    Hi @CP98,
    Yes,You could use wired connection to access Firewall.Please kindly find following.
    1)set the NIC as 192.168.1.X(mask: and plug cable to Firewall first LAN Port.
    2)Open the browser,access , You will see the Firewall login pages.
    Above are default IP Address. You could access your own IP address if you have changed the default.

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