Difference between GS1920-24 and GS1920-24v2

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What is the difference between those two, and would i be able to use the v2 firmware on the one i have?

when i was looking for updated firmware there were no records of Zyxel GS1920-24 only GS1920-24v2.

In settings this is what info i get.

Device Type GS1920-24
Boot Version V1.00 | 03/21/2014
Firmware Version V4.50(AAOB.3) | 05/20/2020

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    Hi @Zangiry,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    GS1920v2 series is a new enhanced model series to replace GS1920 series because GS1920 is already EOL.
    You may refer to this link for all EOL models and last firmware version.
    According to your description, you already have the last firmware version, and GS1920 is not able to upgrade with the firmware of GS1920v2. 

    The crucial difference between two series is that GS1920v2 supports cloud management on Nebula Cloud Center.
    Nebula Cloud Center is our cloud platform provides easy and central management for all Nebula supported model.
    You may refer to this link for more detail about Nebula solution.

    Please also note that whenever there is a new feature/enhancement in the future, it will be only implemented on the new firmware of GS1920v2, not GS1920(no more new firmware).

    Hope it helps.