USG 310 - public IP behind PPPoE

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how to correctly configure public IP behind PPPoE with dynamic IP? This is my configuration withou public IP:

! model: ZyWALL 310

! firmware version: 4.70(AAAB.0)


interface-name ge1 wan1

interface-name ppp0 wanTvinet

account pppoe TVINET

user ***

encrypted-password ***

authentication chap-pap

compression no

idle 0


interface wan1

type external

description TVINET VDSL

upstream 10000

downstream 50000

mtu 1500

ping-check default-gateway method icmp period 30 timeout 5 fail-tolerance 5 probe-condition any

no ping-check activate

ip address


interface vlan848

port wan1

vlan-id 848

description TVINET_VLAN_848

ip address dhcp metric 0

upstream 1048576

downstream 1048576

mtu 1500

type external

ip rip send version 2

ip rip receive version 2

ip ospf priority 1

ip ospf cost 10


interface wanTvinet

bind vlan848

description PPPoE TVINET

connectivity nail-up

account TVINET

metric 0

upstream 1048576

downstream 1048576

mtu 1492

ipv6 nd ra accept


Connection itself works fine, but I need to set the public IP - according to my ISP, they routed my public IP behind the dynamic IP address received on wanTvinet interface. Now I am not sure, where to set the public IP?

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