GS1350-6HP: can I use the SFP port as downlink?

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For this switch, and most other similar ones, the SFP port is documented as an uplink port, meant for backbone usage. Is this port usable just like any normal RJ45 port, are they all equivalent from the network topology point of view? I.e. one of the switch's RJ45 ports would be the uplink connected to my router, and the SFP port would be connected to something else downstream, maybe my NAS or another switch of the same type.

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    Hi @joco74,

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    Regarding your question, of course you could make SFP port as downlink to your NAS or other switch for faster network transmission. There is no any limitation of this application. 

    Most of the documents usually put SFP/SFP+ port as uplink port only.

    Hope it helps.