Can i Trust a IP for SSL VPN ( we keep haing to unlock user)

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We have 30 users in 1 x office all SSL VPN into a USG 310.
We have to regularly keep connecting to the router and perform "unlock lockout-users x.x.x.x"
The WAN IP of this office is static and never changes

Can we do something so this IP address is never locked out on a bad password?

Or maybe can we extent the lockout attenpts to a higher value?

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    There is no IP white list for this.
    But you can change lockout maximum retry by CLI Router(config)# users retry-count xx
    BTW,  assume branch office most users need to access HQ site resource, I strongly  recommend install firewall on 2nd office to establish site to site VPN. With site to site VPN, users in branch no need to connect to HQ site individually.

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